Valencia Poll: How Does Technology Influence Education?


Courtesy of Valencia College Blog

Kimberly Dang, Contributing Writer


Blackboard, a learning management system, has been used by Valencia College since 2010. Now, Valencia College is making a new transition from Blackboard to Canvas.

New transitions bring new adjustments. Students at Valencia College have to realign their studies with the new system.

This brings up the question, “how does technology influence students’ education?”. In order to find the answer, the Valencia Voice decided to ask seven students:

“Well, I can say it in good terms it helps [make turning in] our assignments easier,” said Stacy Olarte, 20 year old criminal justice major.

“It helps me be able to keep notes better. You know, sometimes you just can’t handwrite very well. You’d be able to take [notes] on your iPad or your phone. And it’s a lot easier looking back at them later,” said 20 year old math major Patrick Atkins.

“With technology, I can communicate with teachers and also do homework online. And it’s better because we can go green instead of printing a lot of papers,” Cindy Geerman, 19 year old marine biology major said.

“It gives people a better understanding because not everyone has the advantages of textbooks. So if they can get to somewhere with a computer, they can find the information they need easier and quicker,” said 18 year old film major Sequoia Boney.

“It helps improve our education because teachers sometimes forget about the important stuff,” 18 year old math major Yassine Zinbi said.

“It allows people who doesn’t have enough time to be able to do things, they can study at home. But at the same time, people that aren’t good online, their grade can be affected,” Akiliana Rankine, 20 year old business major said.

“I think it helps education a lot by having the whole internet at your hands to get more information. Say if you forgot something from class, you can go look something up. And if you can’t understand the textbook, you can always look up other resources that can explain it a little better,” said Daniel Vitellaro, 24 year old health science major.

Valencia College moves to its new system, Canvas, in May 2018.