Tyler the Creator Visits Orlando Amphitheatre


Kelli Collins, Contributing Writer

Grammy nominated rapper Tyler, the Creator performed at the Orlando Amphitheater at The Central Florida Fairgrounds Tuesday, February 13, to a sold out concert.

Opening was a DJ set by TACO that hyped up the crowd. Following was Vince Staples where he played singles like “Blue Suede,” “Senorita,” “Norf, Norf,” “Lift Me Up,” “Smile,” and “Prima Donna.” Before his performance was a big wall of screens and a countdown. Once the timer ran out, white lights flashed, fog filled the air, and he entered wearing a bullet proof vest. Vince Staples is featured on the new album for the motion picture “Black Panther.” UCF student Conor Malone attended the event and said, “It wasn’t so much of a rap performance as it was a political statement.”

After Staples, Tyler emerged. The stage was set as a forest and the lights were bright neon colors. Tyler wore a neon yellow crossing guard outfit, under the vest a white tee with “Rat Girl” in bold hot pink font, and embroidered on the back of the vest was a doodle of a child and writing that said “Child of Golf.” Tyler stood on top of a tree truck and began with “Where This Flower Blooms.” After he greeted the Orlando audience, Tyler joked about all the alligators and water moccasins found here. He continued the show with titles from his latest and Grammy nominated album “Flower Boy.” Tyler also let his true fans reminisce with his old singles such as “Tamale,” “IFHY,” “48,” and even freestyled “4:44,” a Jay-Z record.

A highlight of the show was the Flower Boy telling the audience to put away their phones and really enjoy the moment. He ranted about how as a society we don’t appreciate living in the moment and just end up re-watching it on our smartphones later. So the audience put away their phones and he sang “Ain’t Got Time.” The performance ended with “See You Again,” one of his most popular singles at the moment.

The night was full of dancing, mosh pits, and crowd surfing. Guys held up their GOLF shoes and sharpies the entire show waiting for Tyler to notice and hopefully sign.

Valencia student Vanessa Chenkova stated “Tyler’s performance was very vivacious and you could really feel it through the crowd’s energy. The overall tour was an excellent lineup that kept the crowd amped.”