Valencia Welcomes Nature Photographer John Moran


Kayla Reyes Marseil, Staff Writer

Nature photographer John Moran visited Valencia College’s East Campus on Wednesday to discuss his love affair with water.

John Moran is a former editor and writer. He spent 23 years at The Gainesville Sun before focusing on photographing Florida’s landscape.

The Performing Arts Center’s theater was filled with students and staff as Moran discussed his love for Florida’s springs and the damage that has been done over the years from algae and uncleanliness. “I want my Florida back, I want my springs back, I want to live in a state where it would be unthinkable that we the people could allow the loss of such a priceless natural legacy,” Moran stated during his speech.

Moran also pointed out reasons as to why Floridians should care about the springs, saying that it is our drinking water. “What we put in our water, we put in ourselves,” said Moran. Also the springs, rivers, lakes, and coastal waters display Florida’s identity.

“Ask anybody who runs a business and they will tell you the reputation of your brand is an asset of paramount value,” Moran continued. He also pointed out that even though Florida is the Sunshine state, if that was all it had to offer, it couldn’t compete with the Sahara Desert.

“Here’s the deal, we’ll never know if we’ve done too much to clean up our waters, but history will surely judge us if we fail to right this wrong,” Moran said towards the end of his speech.

He also advised people to be informed, and to voice their thoughts about Florida’s waterways to elected officials.

The event was sponsored by the Humanities Speaker Series, Student Development, and Valencia Earth Studies Association.

The Valencia Earth Studies Association meets on Tuesday afternoons at one o’clock in building eight, room 136 for students who want to get involved, or want to learn more about protecting springs or the environment.