Club Rush Excites Students on East Campus


Dylan Higbie, Contributing Writer

Valencia student organizations gathered in the Quad for this semester’s Club Rush on a brisk Thursday morning.

The event was held on January 18th and lasted from 11am-2pm. It featured a total of 30 clubs and organizations open to students at Valencia College.

The Student Government Association hosted the event. “We chose to organize this event so that (clubs) can be able to really get their voice out there and really get to know the students on campus,” says Raeshawn Burke, Vice President of SGA.

Students had a wide range of clubs to choose from, ranging from academic organizations like Phi Beta Kappa, to career groups like the Future Business Leaders of America, to socially oriented outfits such as the GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance) and the Pop Culture club.

Club members braved the chilly conditions at table displays and portable awnings, explaining to interested students the unique opportunities that students would receive if they joined their organization.

Some clubs emphasized the potential career benefits and learning experiences that joining their club may offer.

“You’ll learn a lot about event management…you’ll learn set up, break down of audio equipment, you’ll learn how to market, manage social media, you’ll learn a lot” explained John Q. Pearce radio manager and advisor for the Valencia College Radio club.

Others emphasized the social advantages that joining a student organization would bring.

“If you like cultures and if you are from around the world come join other people that can understand you…but not only international they can be from here too,” explains VP of the Valencia International Club Federico Rivas.

Students attending the event generally enjoyed the social atmosphere and opportunities it provided. “I love the event, I love it because it’s a lot of interaction and they give you food” shared student Karimar Ferrer.

Other students found the event helpful in connecting them with clubs that reflected their personal goals or values.

“Being an Airforce veteran, I’m very pro-veteran… and I always want to help other veterans so that’s why I’d join,” shared student Giovanni Rodriguez on his interest in joining the Student Veterans Association.

The Valencia College Radio club treated attendees to a lively DJ performance featuring a medley of foot-tapping pop songs. Students were also offered a variety of free goodies, from sunglasses and buttons to multi-national rubber ducks.

At the event, both club members and student attendees expressed their reasoning for joining student clubs at Valencia.

Lakaya Patterson, president of the Pop Culture club noted, “I think it’s a good place to kinda be yourself; a place where you can really relax and be yourself and not have to worry about any discrimination or judgment.”

Student Alejandra Quiroz made a similar point. “First of all, if you’re a freshman it’s a good way to start making friends. Second of all, you get to know you’re not the only one in here.”

Quiroz decided to join the Valencia International Club.