Valencia Poll: Where do you get your textbooks?


The line to purchase items from the campus bookstore stretches through Building 5 and up the stairs at East Campus

Lina Iafanti, Contributing Writer

Students are back for the spring semester, and with them came long lines just to get into the campus store.

It’s not unusual for the line for the campus store to reach the cafeteria, which is on the other side of building 5, or even turn and trail up the stairs during the first week of school as many students rush to buy their books.

But is it really necessary to wait in these long lines? The Valencia Voice took a poll of students to find out whether they get their books from the campus store:

“I buy them from the campus store because I pay with my financial aid,” said Daja Griffit, 22 year old nursing major.

“Yes I buy them from the campus store because of financial aid,” said Kenya Douglas, 20 year old nursing major.

“Mostly online, because I feel it’s cheaper but when I buy them in Valencia it’s because of financial aid,” said 18 year old biology major Carissa Tamayo.

“First time buying them, but usually I’ll buy them from a friend or buy them from the bookstore because of financial aid,” explained De’leah Leath, 18 year old general studies major.

“I don’t, actually I buy them online because it’s cheaper,” said 18 year old computer science major Daniel Ramirez.

“I get my books from Osceola County District because I am dual enrollment. My Portable Literature book my High School paid for it at the Campus Store,” said 17 year old general studies major Brandon Calderon.

“I bought one book from the campus store and one online. The one online my teacher suggested it was a cheaper option and that it went with My Math Lab. The one from the campus store was because I needed a physical copy for my class,” said Tyler Perez, first year general studies major.

“I only buy them if I have to, like if it’s a Valencia edition, if not I’ll just rent them online,” said Fabiola Martin, 22 year old Biology major.