Valencia East Book Nerds Hold First “Night at the Library” Event


Rebecca Ryan, Contributing Writer

At 6:30pm Wednesday night the stereotype surrounding libraries was broken when music, spoken word, and laughter filled the perpetually quiet room for the first ever “Night at the Library” event sponsored by Valencia East Campus Book Nerds, SGA and East Campus Library.

The showcased talent was comprised exclusively of Valencia students, faculty, and alumni, capturing the essence of the event’s purpose as described by East Campus librarian and coordinator for the event Courtney Moore. “The East Campus is fortunate to have many individuals that possess tremendous talent, so our purpose for this event was to highlight those talents, as well as expose students and faculty to the library and it’s many resources,” said Moore.

A bassoon and flute performance by Dean of Learning Support Leonard Bass (feat. Annie Gonzalez), an acoustic set by Valencia Administrative Assistant April Montallana, and spoken word by poet and East Campus student Lying Tongue were among the talents showcased. Stand-up comic, and Valencia alumni Hannibal Callens hosted the show, introducing each performer with his own comedic spin.

When speaking with those in attendance, audience member and student Kelvin Jauregui shared his thoughts on the show. “The library makes a comfortable atmosphere, and it’s cool to have an event at night so you can enjoy without having to worry about getting to class,” stated Jauregui. Student Jessica Brown also added, “It was unique. I really enjoyed myself. They should have it again next semester!”

After the show wrapped up at 9:30pm, Valencia East Book Nerds President and Vice President Elsah Migliore and Gabriel Hendrix spoke about the potential for future events. “Planning and preparation for an event like this takes time, but we are hoping to eventually have it twice a semester,” explained Migliore.

While the event was the first of its kind, Valencia East Campus can expect to see more like it. As Hendrix described, “This was a stepping stone for bigger and better things.”