Halloween Concert Brings Cinematic Classics to Valencia East Campus

Rebecca Ryan, Contributing Writer

Shortly after 1:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon, the Valencia East Campus mall area was brought to life with a tune recognizable by those familiar with Harry Potter. The Valencia Symphonic Band performed that composition along with many others in its 6th annual Halloween Concert.

Band director Jon Territo transformed into composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for the ensemble. Some other notable costume transformations took place among the 35-person band including, Harry Potter, Robin Hood, and the Phantom of the Opera. The set included Halloween-themed songs like Ghost Run by Grant Michel, and Gary D. Ziek’s Juggernaut.

Songs from composer John Williams were heard throughout the concert. Many of them are recognizable from movies such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.

Student Conductor and Trombone player Jonathan Frost explained why the band had chosen Williams’ work as a focal point of the show. “His music is seen in movies with very iconic characters that are also seen being portrayed by people on Halloween, this making for a good match,” remarks Frost.

Among the iconic classics, the band performed “Young Persons Guide to John Williams” a collection piece conducted by Frost. Along with more upbeat sounds in “John William Swing” which director Jon Territo described as “John Williams at his finest”.

Upon the show wrapping up at 2:15 pm, Valencia student Luanie Lamby who was one of many audience members shared his thoughts on the concert. “The combination of the weather being perfect, along with the energy of the band and audience having a great time made for a beautiful experience,” said Lamby.

The Symphonic Band will be preforming again along with Valencia Singers, Contemporary Ensemble and String Orchestra as part of the “Music Department Holiday Show” on Friday December 1st beginning at 7:30pm in the East Campus Preforming Arts Center.