Are Internships Worth Doing During College?

Robert Stark, Contributing Writer

Is going to college and getting good grades enough to snag that dream job? Internships can play a pivotal role to stand out from the competition. College students face a well-versed field of applicants in any career chosen and need all the help there is.

Kerry Fleming, Internship and Workforce coordinator at Valencia’s East Campus gave some insight on the importance of taking internships and being involved on campus. “Internships now are very prevalent when it comes to the employer,” Fleming said. “Students who are involved in internships really have that one step up.”

Michelle Terrell, Director of Work Based Learning for the district office at Valencia College, gave her insight on the importance of becoming involved in internships. “Research shows that students who participate in internships are more successful in terms of finding a job,” says Terrell. “Employers are looking for experience even in recent graduates.”

Getting involved early and often is a staple to help students get the most experience they can for a creative resume. “Why not have that happen sooner rather than later,” Terrell said. “They need to look at internships as an investment.”

Valencia offers a variety of ways to become involved in internships and also in the workforce. Aside from the navigator on Blackboard, which gives you a list of internships to apply for Fleming and her associates offer ways to help students improve their resume. “I’m with them from start to finish,” explained Fleming when talking about the process students go through.

Internship placement and resume writing are not the only resources that can help students on campus. Terrell gives alternative ways that highlight Valencia’s diversity in career advancement.

“It’s up to the students to do the research on their particular industry to know what’s expected in terms of resumes,” reiterates Terrell. Then both Terrell and Fleming perfect that resume with the student to ensure it’s something to make the student stand out. Terrell’s next event will take place on November 2nd, 2017 on Valencia’s East Campus from 2pm-4pm which will help students become more advanced in networking.