Visit Club Rush this Thursday on East Campus


Vice President of SGA East Campus, Andrew Porter, poses for the camera while promoting Club Rush.

Robert Stark, Contributing Writer


The Student Government Association (SGA), is hosting its annual Club Rush event on Valencia’s East Campus mall area Thursday, Sept. 28, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event gives students a chance to see all the clubs offered at Valencia, and meet the students associated with each club.

Some clubs that are participating include SGA, African-American Cultural Society, Art and Motion, and stem. Students can go from booth to booth exploring ways to get involved on-campus. Welcome tables will be placed around the area and some booths will be offering free food to students.

The Vice President of SGA, Andrew Porter, says the goal of the event is to get students active in their school community. “Students talking to clubs and clubs talking to students; that’s the whole point of the event.” Said Porter.

“[Valencia] is unique” says SGA Vice President Porter, “You can really have a really meaningful experience with college.”