Rompers: The New Summer Look for Men?



Male rompers are all the rage.

A new trend in men’s fashion is taking the summer by storm as male rompers surface.

Last week, an article was posted on NY Mag’s website about a Kickstarter campaign that introduced a brand of male rompers called RompHim. The RompHim come in different colors and have special zippers in front to avoid the bathroom hassle.

After the article was posted on Twitter, users took matters into their own hands, and rapidly the memes and jokes started.

The concept seemed to have been taken well as many people joined in, and many men and women had positive comments on the trend.

Marcus Morrow, 23, visual art and emerging media management major, said that he would wear a male romper.

“I feel like people aren’t being open-minded and worrying about stuff they don’t need to worry about. Why judge me for what I’m wearing? Judge me on my actions, not my choice of attire,” Morrow continued to say when asked how he felt about other men putting down the idea.

“I would have no problem wearing a romper,” Chad Ford, 19, speech pathology major said.  “I think anyone can wear anything if they know how to wear it and they’re confident,” he explained.

“In the ‘90s, girl groups dressed like men and some male rappers wore pink. In the ‘70s, men wore flare bottom pants, so if a man has a problem with rompers in 2017, I would ask him if he would rather wear a romper or some skin-tight bell bottoms? Since when has fashion ever asked for permission, especially from men? Maybe men should jump on the trend for once instead of being late as usual,” Ford added.

Due to the new fascination with male rompers, Reebok is launching a romper for men called the ReeRomp. Different from the current design that is more on the preppy side, ReeRomp is supposed, “to be really simple and sleek,” says designer Eun Jung Park.

“Our romper is designed for comfort. It’s fitted in all the right spots, and with the added element of ACTIVCHILL, it’s really versatile for any type of weather, especially the heat,” Park continued.

ReeRomp is priced at $89 and will be available in 30 days

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