MILK Drops with a Perfect Splash


Kayla Reyes-Marseil, Contributing Writer


After what’s been almost a year since the Chicago producer ICYTWAT first announced his upcoming album, “MILK” finally dropped letting anticipators scratch that long itch.  

The 11 track tape features other artists like $ILKMONEY; someone who Twat has worked with numerous times, and is also a part of a group with him named Divine Council. Other artists include IndigoChildRick and Kyeoshin.

The album starts off with an instrumental piece titled, “MILK,” immediately coming off strong with an almost inviting flow to introduce listeners to the vibes he made with some help from Kalil Blu and Rainy Miller.

Without a long wait, $ilk makes his appearance on the second song, “DON JOSE”; the instant head bopping beat and famous adlibs make results for a classic Twat and $ilk.

The third, ‘Z4 MUSIC”, was tweeted from Twat exclaiming it was his favorite song on the album. Excitement on Twitter had user @yung_lonely saying, “if you ever remix this, let me get on this omg”.

“Pastel Talk” which features IndigoChildRick, and “Clouds” that Kyeoshin is on are two songs that released six days before MILK dropped. ” Pastel Talk” being wondered about since someone posted part of a video on Twitter, with his verse playing back in January exclaiming, “@indigochildrick be snapping bruh”.

“Flodgin”, is the 5th song with, “Shame (Interlude)”, being next making a weird but good turn right in the middle.

The song with constant questions for Twat on when he was going to release it, “Lil Shorty 3” comes 8th and is completely different to the snippet he put out back in October of 2016; the song being more smoother and deeper.

“F*** (Bedroom Version)” is the 9th song which again features Kyeoshin. After that, Twats last one is titled “FIN”, another instrumental to end MILK with a content sigh. The tape then completely ends with the 11th song as a bonus called, “Space”.

A couple minutes after MILK was dropped, Twat went on a two-tweet rant to showcase his gratitude saying, “very f****** grateful I finally get to share this with you guys. Luv all of you. Enjoy”. He continued to say in his 2nd tweet, “also wanna thank OF, mannie fresh, the neptunes, uncle luke, JAOT and 90s rnb music for influencing me and this project”.

MILK is out on SoundCloud right now