Valencia Students Unite for International Women’s Day


Isaiah Peters

An assembly of empowered women, and equality seeking men came together for a Model UN event in honor of International’s Women day on March 8th. The event was intended to bring awareness to the discrepancy of wages, rights, and education of women across the world. The event was an hour-long forum that encouraged all women to speak openly.

The event was jointly ran by Model UN Director Yerika Germosen, and Feminist Association President Jessica Kavalec. The discussion included several topic questions of how in American society the prevalence of underlying sexism, as well as blunter sexism in third world countries. And what the response of Americans should be. The event had a full house and had brought female speakers from all walks to share there personal experiences amongst each other as well as some men.

The Voice also got a chance to speak with a student who attended the event, Valerie Diard.

Q: Do you suggest fleeing a country if you deem its education system sexist, or fight for the cause?

A: “It really depends on who you are and what your life goals are. If the education system has potential correcting the system (it) should be the first solution. If the education system doesn’t show any hope I think you should flee,” said Diard.

Kavalec, 23, the president of Valencia’s Feminist Association also shared some of her thoughts in honor of the day.

Q: What do you think of the “Day Without Women’s day event?

A: “I like that’s there three different ways to participate in the events, to not work, to support local or female owned businesses, and to wear red. I will be wearing red, and I like that there’s three different ways because not everyone can take off a day. It’s important to make it inclusive so everyone can participate,” said Kavalec.

Q: What does equality mean to you?

A: “I’m really passionate about equality. I think equality can bring us freedom. It can really unite people. That’s what we all really want, and I think with equality we can come to that place. I think that understanding men and women’s experiences in life are totally different. Women living in a patriotic society with a different oppression,” said Kavelec.

Q: How would you define freedom?

A: “I would say equal opportunity, and acceptance to take a path with your life that you want, and you don’t have limitations,” said Kavalec.