Stars Hit the Stage at Valencia College


Cierra Boughton, “Under the Stars” event coordinator shows off the talent competition sign.

Ashley Garcia and Rebecca Newman

Are you ready for the next Valencia College superstar? Then grab a front seat for all the excitement as the “Under the Stars” talent competition hits the stage on March 1. The show, hosted by the Student Government Association and the Campus Activities Board will be on the East Campus mall.  The show begins at 6:30 p.m.

A variety of acts including singers, dancers, musicians and comedians will perform, and refreshments will be available to audience members.

“Let’s have a talent competition, and let’s have it open to everyone. So whatever talent you do, whatever talent you have, just get up and do something because we never know who is going to be a big star one day,” Cierra Boughton, event organizer, said.

Boughton, recalled that her high school friend, Christen Cuevas, made it all the way to the semifinals on The Voice. She concluded that you never know who might be famous someday, so Valencia should recognize people who want to put their talents on display.

There will be cash prizes handed out for the first, second and third place winners. First place will receive $100, second place $75 and third place will be given $50. The rest of the contestants will have the chance to walk away with an album, The Spirit of Handel by Anna Eschbach, a music professor at Valencia College.

The show recently changed to an open talent show. This means that anyone can sign up and go on stage without having to audition. Students of all talents are encouraged to show their skills on the stage and spectators are welcome to cheer on their favorite performers.

“This gives everyone an opportunity to open up and sing, speak, dance, and do whatever they want to do,” Boughton added.

The event is free to attend by anyone in the community.