Girls vs Guys: Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, so it’s time to let that inner-romantic out. Go out and ask someone on a date. Here are five steps for creating an awesome experience.


First, find someone who is cute and just say something flattering. It does not matter what is said, it is how it is said. Confidence is the key to any solid approach.


Once the conversation gets started, make sure you get to know the other person. Really listen. Try to find out their quirks or what makes them tick. Connect with them. If things go well, ask for their number.


Now you need to plan the date. This is where really listening comes into play. Did they say they love art? Music? Picnics? The outdoors? Try to weave their interest into your plan.


There are no restrictions to staying in one place either. A change of location can keep the overall feeling upbeat. Moving may also help keep you and your date relaxed.


Hopefully after that, the date went well. Try for a second one; see where things go. If it didn’t go well, there is always someone else out there. As the saying goes, “There are always other fish in the sea.”


Not everyone is suited for each other, so the best mindset is to have zero expectations. When it is the first date, it is going to be awkward at first. There is no getting around that. Instead, show off the happiness from within. Comfort is built by letting personal shields down and being the most genuine version of oneself.
Everyone has a bad date or gets rejected. Things tend to work out for the best regardless of what happens. Good luck and have fun this Valentine’s Day!