Girls vs. Guys: Super Bowl Parties

Gregg Ong, Contributing Writer

Welcome to the first installment of “Girls vs. Guys”, an opinion series where we interview two guys and two girls on their thoughts about a certain topic. This week’s subject is Super Bowl parties. We wanted to know how people celebrate and watch the Super Bowl.

Let’s start with the guys. Carlos Jimenez is a second year student at Valencia, in his third semester. He is currently studying Biology. “This time, I am not going to watch the Super Bowl due to work. Previously, I would have late night parties with music and some friends. Sometimes it was just group activities. I attended a Back Lit Theater, where the Super Bowl would be streamed outside with a projector,” stated Jimenez.  While he enjoyed watching the game in the past, he didn’t seem too worried about missing the the big matchup this time around.

Kelvin Jauregi is another student sitting with Carlos, who is into his second Semester of his Freshman year, trying to get his Associate Degree in Environmental Science. “I would keep it low key, maybe have a party or go to a party with some friends. Nothing too big. Just watch the game and have some snacks,” said Jauregi.

The guys went in two opposite directions. Jimenez seemed to have some fun ways of watching the game. I know I’d like to try the Back Lit Theater! Jauregi seems to just enjoy an outing with some friends while enjoying the game, maybe some snacks, wanting to keep it small.

Now let’s see if the gals have a different approach to the big game. I asked Samantha Diaz, a Valencia student who is in her second semester of her freshman year. She is working toward her Nursing degree. She isn’t going to be attending a Super Bowl party this time around, but she has in the past. “I would usually go to a friend’s house or attend on with my parents. It wouldn’t be anything too big. Just some barbeque while we prepare to watch the game. Maybe listen to music. That is about it,” said Diaz.

We also approached one of Diaz’s friends, Lesmarie Filpo, and asked her opinion. Filpo is in the same program as Diaz, her second semester of her Freshman year, studying for her Nursing degree. She isn’t huge into watching football but she has enjoyed watching the Super Bowl with her family. “When I lived with my parents, Super Bowl Sunday was a family event. The whole family would get together and sit down to watch the game. It was small, just the family with each other.”

I would love to know your opinions of this segment of “Girls vs. Guys”. How will you spend Super Bowl Sunday?