“Seas the Day” at Club Rush

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To help fire up the 2017 spring semester, Valencia College is holding Club Rush Thursday, January 19, from 11 a.m-2 p.m in the Mall Area. The East Campus will have more than a dozen clubs representing themselves in hopes of recruiting new members while showcasing what they do.

Each club will have an activity for students along with give-away items at their tables. Students will also get to hear all organizations pitch themselves on a stage set up with a microphone.

In addition, there will be music and food. Jeremiahs Italian Ice is expected to give away treats along with slider sandwiches. An inflatable obstacle course will also be in the center of the courtyard for anyone wanting to give it a go or to just feel like a kid again.

There will also be around 60 to 70 free “We Are Valencia” shirts that will be given out to students who show up to the event as it begins.

The Student Government Association settled on “Seas the Day” as the theme for the event. “We wanted to do something different,” says Joshua Gwynn, Vice President of SGA. Since this year marked the 50th anniversary of Valencia being open, student government knew they had to make the theme unique and catchy.

Most importantly, Gwynn hopes that students take the meaning more so to not only take advantage of the day but to also “seas” the week and eventually the whole semester.