What happened to Starbucks on East Campus?


Hey Got Coffee, a new coffee truck will be parked in the loop outside of building one on east campus Monday-Thursday.

Coffee. The word emblazons itself in your mind in the morning; stark and bold like a news headline. If anything is needed in ones caffeine-deprived body, Starbucks normally can come through.

The first day back to class can be rough, as any student will testify. Those who frequent Valencia’s East Campus in past semesters know full well the draw of building one. Some might argue that it’s the quiet, studious atmosphere or its convenient proximity to the parking lot.

Others are inclined to believe that it’s the wafting scent of Caramel Macchiatos that lead many through its doors. Or so it used to.

Instead of lattes and cappuccinos being prepared, the spot that used to be Starbucks is now a bare space scattered with a few random tables.

Where did Starbucks go?

As today, Sept. 28, is National Coffee Day, students will have to find their caffeine fix elsewhere since the Starbucks in building One has been removed. The kiosk’s disappearance has brought on questions from a number of coffee-loving students. Its full tables and ever-present line had seemed to indicate a thriving permanence.

“I was saddened when I heard Starbucks was closed. I loved walking around in building one just enjoying the wonderful smells,” said Valencia student Joshua Kern. “Without it, it has become much louder and less peaceful. I will always miss that wonderful smell.”

The mystery of its disappearance is no longer.

“Starbucks was a temporary fix to supply coffee to the students, faculty, and staff. When their contract came up for renewal, the college was faced with an expensive plumbing project. The administration would rather put this money toward a more permanent coffee shop on the ground floor in the location that the Little Bean had been,”  said Roger Corriveau, manager of east campus operations.

Though students were unaware, deans, directors, and supervisors were notified when it closed in August.

“No one was happy to see this convenience go, but the college and the food service immediately began looking for a temporary alternative,” said Corriveau.

This temporary alternative will come in the form of a coffee truck that has already been spotted on campus. “Hey Got Coffee,” will be parked in the loop outside of building one. As advertised on the back of the truck, they will be serving frappes, Chai tea, smoothies, and of course, espresso coffee.

Details on the hours of service are still being negotiated, with the truck most likely being on campus Monday through Thursday.

Though Starbucks will be missed, east campus ensures that coffee can still be had at the cafeteria’s Vanilla Bean Café and the forth-coming Hey Got Coffee  truck.

Whether you fire up the coffee maker or swing by your favorite café, don’t miss out on celebrating National Coffee day with a good, old-fashioned cup of joe today.