Run River North bringing indie sound to The Social


Courtesy of Run River North

Run River North will be playing their first show in Orlando on March 24 at The Social.

Run River North have come a long way since they filmed a music video in their Honda Fit but over the last three years the band out of Los Angeles, California has grown up and even changed their style a bit while sticking true to the indie/folk sounds that fans have come to be familiar with.

The band is on the verge of releasing their second full-length studio album, Drinking From a Salt Pond, on February 26 and with it comes a new tour that starts with an album release show in LA before they hit the road, eventually coming to The Social in Orlando on March 24.

Lead vocalist Alex Hwang’s lyrics will be a fresh sound for music fans who are tired of the same poppy music they hear on the radio regularly and are looking for something more indie. The sextet features multiple talented musicians including keyboardist and vocalist Sally Kang, bassist Joe Chun, a string duo consisting of Daniel Chae and Jennifer Rim that feature both guitar and violin, as well as drummer John Chong.

Some music fans might remember Run River North from their songs ‘Growing Up’ and ‘Fight to Keep,’ which was the song that got them onto a surprise appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show and saw the song used in a Honda ad.

Hwang and the band have grown since 2012, back when the band was called Monsters Calling Home, and it shows in their music. Hwang has gone from playing mostly acoustic guitar to rocking some electric guitar on the new album, getting a little bit away from the folk sound and leaning a little more indie, which when mixed with strong lyrics make for solid songs that feel like they can be listened to on long road trips.

The move to electric guitar can be heard all throughout the new album but possibly more so on the track “29” which features a catchy riff along with an even flow of drums and keys. The tempo of “29” and other songs on the new album are fast and can get fans up and dancing in no time if played on tour.

“It became this song with so much energy,” said Chong in a press release about the new album, “it’s probably the fastest song we’ve ever done as a band. It’s new territory for us; it’s very fun. It’s a good transition, with lulled verses and really upbeat instrumentals and choruses. This is a good appetizer for our old fans, as this is who we’ve become.”

Run River North’s new album Drinking From A Salt Pond releases on February 26 and their tour kicks off on Thursday, March 1 with the Orlando stop coming on March 24.

Tickets for the show are already available through The Social’s website for $10 before the show or $12 at the door.