Free frapps at Winter Park Campus

By Brittany Rose
[email protected]

The SGA sponsored “Free Frappucino” day was part of a four day celebration at the Winter Park Valencia College campus, designed to welcome back students for the 2011 fall semester.

Several students gathered outside in the open courtyard portico Thursday to collect a free iced coffee, and even a few school supplies. Planners, pens, notebooks and more lined the table for students to collect as they passed by, courtesy of the SGA.

Many of the students expressed excitement about the start of the new school year. “I’m very excited,” said Carlos Gonzalez, a freshman studying for an Emergency Medical Service degree. “I can’t wait to see how my first college year goes.”

On the other side of the main doors to the building, a table manned by Priscilla Gray, a library faculty member, was designed to promote leisurely reading. Students were asked to take a quick survey about the types of reading that they enjoyed, and then enter a drawing to win a free flash drive.

“Reading releases stress, and helps a student wind down after a day of studying,” said Gray. “I read in vivid color. When I read, it’s like a movie playing in my head.”

The welcome back day proved to be a success as several students took the opportunity to drink the offered iced coffee outside while looking through the books laid out on the tables.

“This is a good opportunity to meet people,” said Logan Creasman, a high school junior who is participating in the dual enrollment program at Valencia. “I’m having a good time.”