Shark Night: 3D bites

By Lawrence Laguna
[email protected]

(2 out of 5 stars)

Shark Night 3D debuted in theaters this weekend, and is certain to entertain the audience with a bloody, horrific, albeit predictable sequence of events.
Seven college students decide to spend a weekend at a lake house in Louisiana, but end up with an adventure that they will never forget, if they survive.
One by one, the students get attacked by hungry man-eating sharks that somehow made their way into the freshwater lake. The students encounter different deadly species of shark, and no rescue is available. With hungry sharks lurking in dark waters awaiting the students to enter, it seems like they are at a dead end.
This film contained a fair cast of young actors, with good acting skills that sold the concept of their characters being in a state of primal fear. Then again, a movie like this doesn’t require a great performance in order to move along such a predictable plot.
“Right when the students arrived at the lake house and touched the water for the first time, they immediately started getting attacked,” said Steffi Estevez. “I thought they should have taken more time for them to settle, instead of jumping quickly into the killing from the sharks.”
The entire sequence of events was rushed into the movie instead of taking its time to develop. “I thought the length of the movie should have been longer,” said Julio Suarez. “If felt too short; two hours would’ve done it.”
Shark Night 3D is a teenage horror flick that really panders to its audience. It’s simple and juvenile, and is probably not going to be enjoyed by an older audience. Although there are mixed opinions from the viewers, I believe that this film is one of those gory and thrilling stories that will convince its viewers to stay out of the water.