UCF hosts Improv Everywhere’s MP3 experiment

Hilarity ensued in front of UCF Arena Wednesday night. Laughs, screams, dancing and even a flashlight lightsaber fight took place.

Last night UCF’s Campus Activities Board hosted Improv Everywhere’s MP3 Experiment. The event was open to the public. All you needed was a list of items, a mobile device and headphones. Everyone participating downloaded the same mp3 and hit play at the same time.

Afterwards they were given silly instructions to complete while the public watched in confusion.

After speaking with surrounding spectators the general consensus was that people thought it was a “flash mob”.

As people walked by last night they were stopped  and shocked at the the random yet funny actions they saw this group of people partaking in. Such as lying down, skipping, even giving strangers high fives. At one moment they even started dancing, while others flashed strobe lights.

“I had no idea what to expect, but I was glad I came. I had a lot of fun and I’ll definitely do it again next year,” said UCF graduate Josh after being a part of the Mp3 Experiment.

“It was a great experience. I am subscribed to Improv Everywhere on YouTube so I knew what to expect. I still had a great time I just wish that everyone was in sink because some people were a little behind and others were a little fast.” said UCF junior Brooke after the event. “Overall I think it was a success and would do it again.”

The night was full of strangers laughing with each other, and others laughing at strangers.

The UCF Events page said this was a new annual event that they were doing. So come out next year and be on the inside of the this outside home.