UCF Presents Comedy Showcase: MP3 Experiment

Improv Everywhere is hosting an event called Comedy Showcase: MP3 Experiment created by Charlie Todd tomorrow, Sept. 30 at 8 pm to 9pm at Knight Plaza on the UCF campus.

The public will download an mp3 online onto their mobile devices. Afterward everyone meets at the same public location, where you have the opportunity to meet with a mix of people from all over. At the same time you all press play on the mp3 that was online and you must follow the silly instructions as others watch you.

In other words, you and others are all in on an inside joke. It is a great chance to meet others and maybe make some new friends. If you haven’t had the chance to break outside and socialize, this is an event you must go to.  This experiment has been a success around the world, being done in New York, Germany and Australia. It has also been performed on ollege campuses; UNC Chapel Hill and Texas Tech.

If you go to Improv Everywhere’s Youtube channel,  you can see a video of the type of fun you would be getting into.

“What a totally, totally cool idea: part mass hypnosis, part party, part comedy club…like a political rally, but with more to do,” said David Pogue of The New York Times. “If there’s a seventh MP3 Experiment next year, find a way to be part of it.”

The experiment lasts 45 minutes. It is for people of all ages and all backgrounds. It is a annual event but don’t wait until next year to meet new people and have a few good laughs with newly found peers.

For more info, email Comedy Cab at [email protected] or call (407)-823-3294.

Michelle Moyna who is the Associate Student Director her email is [email protected] or call (407) 823-3294.

Eric Smith Graduate Assistant- [email protected].

Student Director Maya Prewitt’s email is [email protected] and her phone number is (407) 823-3294.


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