LIVE BLOG: Orlando Predators vs. Tampa Bay Storm


Danny Morales / Valencia Voice

Randy Hippeard leads the league with a 73.9 percent pass completion average.

The Orlando Predators (11-6) take on division rivals the Tampa Bay Storm (7-10) at 7:15 p.m. on their home turf in the Amway center for their final game of the regular season before entering the playoffs.

The Predators have faced their instate-rivals a total of 57 times with Orlando leading the series 30-27. Orlando took home the win in both of their previous meetings this season with Orlando up 63-63 at home, then 69-62 in Tampa.

Beat reporter Bryce Brimhall will be providing live updates throughout.

FINAL – The Orlando Predators defeat the Tampa Bay Storm 59-40 and look ahead to the playoff game against Jacksonville next week at the Amway Center.

3:36 – Orlando forces another turnover-on-downs then Bernard Morris comes in for Hippeard under center. Orlando has the ball on Tampa’s 3-yard line.

7:29 – Brackins takes the hand off from Hippeard and runs it into the endzone for an Orlando touchdown. The two-point attempt is no good. Orlando leads 59-40.

8:40 – Tampa attempts an onside kick, but Orlando recovers the ball on Tampa’s 7-yard line.

9:22 – Boltus with the QB keeper barrels into the endzone. Tampa fails the two-point conversion. Orlando leads 53-40.

11:52 – Brackins makes a wide open catch in the endzone for another score. The two-point attempt is then completed by Greg Carr in the endone. Orlando leads 53-34.

END OF 3RD QTR – The Orlando Predators lead the Tampa Bay Storm 45-34.

2:56 – Orlando forces a turnover-on-downs. Predators get the ball on their 11-yard line.

8:03 – Hippeard lobs a 33-yard pass to Brandon Thompkins for a Predator touchdown. The two-point attempt in no good. Orlando leads 45-34.

10:27 – Boltus connects with Julius Gregory for his third touchdown of the night. Tampa narrows their deficit to 39-34.

13:37 – Michael Simmons trucks into the endzone for a Predator touchdown. Orlando leads 39-27.

HALFTIME – The Orlando Predators lead the Tampa Bay Storm 32-27 going into the locker room at the half.  Greg Carr and Larry Brackins both have two touchdowns for Orlando. Julius Gregory leads Tampa with two scores while T.T. Toliver and Emery Sammons both have one touchdown each.

0:07 – Carr makes the catch on the 1-yard line and falls into the endzone for an Orlando touchdown. The PAT is no good, Orlando leads 32-27.

0:19 – Orlando calls a timeout with 1st down and 10 on their own 23-yard line.

1:00 – Julius Gregory makes his second touchdown of the night with a pass from Boltus. Tampa goes ahead for the first time before the PAT is blocked by Arness Ikner then picked up by Austin Brown and returned for a safety. Tampa leads 27-26.

2:20 – Jason Boltus connects his third touchdown pass of the game with Julius Gregory. The point-after is good, Orlando keeps a narrow lead 24-21.

4:31 – Orlando goes for three on fourth down and Mark Lewis makes the 19-yard kick to widen the Predators lead to 24-14.

10:39 – Tampa Bay answers with their own 45-yard touchdown pass to T.T. Toliver for a score on the first play of their drive. The PAT is good, Predators lead 21-14. A foul is called for roughing the passer, the penalty will be assessed after the kickoff.

11:56 – Greg Carr uses his height to his advantage and makes a huge 35-yard catch in the endzone from Hippeard. PAT is good, Orlando leads 21-7.

13:06 – Jason Boltus connects with Emery Sammons for their first score of the game. The extra-point is good, Orlando still leads 14-7.

END OF 1ST QTR – The Orlando Predators lead the Tampa Bay Storm 14-0. Orlando’s Randy Hippeard has completed 7 of 8 passes for 63 yards and two touchdowns. Tampa’s Jason Boltus has completed 7 of 14 passes for 57 yards.

2:40 – Another touchdown from Larry Brackins who makes the catch from Randy Hippeard in the back of the endzone. Orlando increases their lead 14-0.

3:56 – The ball is tipped on the pass rush by Calvin Fance then is caught mid-air by Terrance Moor who slides into Tampa’s 13-yard line.

4:44 – Tampa catches the kickoff in the endzone and returns it to their 8-yard line.

5:30 – Touchdown for Orlando as  Larry Brackins makes the short catch and runs the extra few for the score. The PAT is good, Orlando leads 7-0.

8:43 – Orlando’s Emanuel Cook with the interception in the endzone and then makes it to their own 9-yard line after the catch.

11:19 – Predators putting a lot of pressure on the QB, forcing the second fourth down of the drive. 4th and 1 with Tampa on their 15-yard line.

14:57 – The ball bounces off the net from the kickoff and Tampa recovers the ball on the 2-yard line.

15:00 – The Predators win the coin toss and choose to defer to the second half and will kick from the south endzone.

Pregame notes – The Predators are coming off a four-game win streak with the Storm losing four out of their last five games. Randy Hippeard is set to start under center for Orlando while Jason Boltus is starting for Tampa Bay.