LIVE BLOG: Orlando Predators vs. Tampa Bay Storm

The Orlando Predators will meet with their division rivals the Tampa Bay Storm for the 56th time on Saturday on their home turf at the Amway Center at 7 p.m. in Downtown Orlando.

Beat reporter Bryce Brimhall will be providing live updates throughout the game.

END OF 3rd – Tampa Bay leads 48-34 going into the fourth quarter.

0:33 – The Predators cut the lead to 48-34 with a touchdown by Michael Simons, Mark Lewis missed the PAT.

5:39 – Orlando turns the ball over on downs and Tampa has the ball while leading 48-28.

11:56 – Phillip Barnett increases Tampa’s lead with a catch in the back of the endzone. Tampa now leads 48-28.

HALFTIME – Tampa has taken a huge lead at 41-28 heading into the locker room. Boltus is able to make huge throws to Toliver and remaining unstoppable by this Predator Defense.

0:41 – T.T. Toliver beats double coverage to make the catch in the endzone for a Storm touchdown. Unsportsmanlike conduct is called against him as well as roughing the passer against Orlando. Penalties off set, Tampa leads 41-28.

4:10 – Morris is getting into his stride and looking more comfortable with a 28-yard pass to Brandon Thompkins to bring the game within a touchdown at 34-28.

6:03 – Boltus keeps up the long passes with a 34-yard pass to Kendrick Ings to ensure a two score lead at 34-21.

8:41 – Morris connects with Kendal Thompkins for his second touchdown of the night. Orlando lessens the gap 27-21.

10:43 – The ball bounces off the frame of the net during a kickoff and is then recovered by James Harrell of the Storm who ran it in for a touchdown. Storm lead 27-14.

11:36 – Boltus throws a 47-yard bomb to Jeremy Geathers for a Storm TD, then miss the extra point to bring Tampa up 20-14.

12:39 – Brandon Thompkins makes an 18-yard catch from Morris in the endzone to tie the game up 14-14.

END OF 1ST – Tampa Bay Storm lead the Orlando Predators 14-7. Bernard Morris has completed 2 of 9 passes for 16 yards and one touchdown for Orlando. Boltus is 4 of 5 for 28 yards and two touchdowns for Tampa.

0:01 – Jason Boltus connects with T.T. Toliver who waltzes into the endzone for a Tampa Bay touchdown. He is penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after the play. Storm now lead 14-7 at end of first quarter.

3:00 – Morris is almost intercepted and the pass in incomplete on fourth down. Tampa has the ball on Orlando’s 16-yard line. Still tied 7-7.

9:19 – Julius Gregory makes a TD catch from Jason Boltus on the first play of the drive after a 45-yard kick return by Kendrick Ings to tie the game 7-7.

10:29 – Kendal Thompkins makes an easy catch in the endzone on a crossing route to put Orlando on the board. Preds up 7-0.

13:32 – A good effort by Thompkins then a quarterback keep from Bernard Morris set them on Tampa’s 5-yard line.

15:00 – Tampa Bay will kickoff to start the action tonight. Brandon Thompkins catches it off the net and makes it to the 10-yard line.