Salsa club comes to Valencia College’s West Campus


Courtesy of Latin Fire salsa club

Valencia Student Ireana Ugarte Uzcategui (middle) is the president of the Latin Fire salsa club on West Campus.

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to learn how to dance salsa,  here is your chance. For the first time ever a salsa club is making a swing entrance into Valencia College’s West Campus.

Club president Ireana Ugarte Uzcategui and vice president Shalom Gonzalez have been working diligently to make this club official.

“We believe everybody can dance it only takes time and practice.” said Ugarte.

Even better news, the club will be offering more than just Salsa courses, With Ugarte Uzcategui as a dance instructor she will be introducing students to different dancing styles such as Bachata, and Merengue to name a few.

“We will want to focus on the idea that even though you don’t know how to dance, you can learn. said Gonzalez about the club. “You don’t need to be a professional dancer this is going to be an open club to everybody.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the skills, if you don’t you are going to learn here and you’re going to have fun learning.”

Students asking what you can expect to learn besides dancing from this club, you’ll also get a chance to meet many news students from campus.

“They’re going to meet people all the time there will be people coming in and when you’re dancing you develop that educational, physical, personal, and social benefits,” said Ugarte Uzcategui. “You learn how to be patient and feel a sense of achievement when you see how well you are progressing.”

Students can not only expect to make new friends but as Gonzalez expressed “this club is not only a club but we want to make it a family.”

Though Ugarte Uzcategui and Gonzalez both know this new club will attract the hispanic, and international students of Valencia, they are hoping to engage with the American non-hispanic community and extend their invitation to everyone who wants to learn about the salsa culture.

Both of the clubs founders were faced with the difficulties of starting this new Salsa club after two weeks of rushing to get all paperwork ready before the deadline, the constant stress only inspired them to push harder.

“When we saw the deadline, we weren’t sure we were going to make it.” Gonzalez said.

However after the two weeks their hard work paid off and the Student Government Association passed it as an official club. They are excited to launch this new club and are getting ready to invite all Valencia students to join. So what advice do these young leaders have for Valencia students?

“Join our club, it’s  free and it’s in your own college and what’s better than dancing with your classmates and make new friends?” said Ugarte Uzcategui.

Valencia Students if you are ready to learn “It’s a good place to start” said Gonzalez about the new club.