LIVE BLOG: Orlando Predators vs. Cleveland Gladiators


Danny Morales / Valencia Voice

Kendal Thompkins has received the ball 30 times for 419 yards and seven touchdowns.

The Orlando Predators (3-2) take on the Cleveland Gladiators (3-2) at the Amway Center at 7 p.m. in downtown Orlando.

The two teams last met in the 2014 season at the American Conference Championship where the Predators fell 65-46. Orlando leads the league in rushing offense at 40.2 yards per game, but Cleveland is third in rushing defense allowing only 13.8 yards per game.

END OF GAME – Predators lose in overtime to Cleveland Gladiators 56-55.

7:24 – Kendal Thompkins makes beautiful catch in the endzone, then fail the two-point conversion losing the game for Orlando.

8:51 – Cleveland score first in Overtime to bring them up 56-49 over Orlando. Preds will now get a chance to score.

END OF REGULATION – Cleveland ties it up in the last seconds with a touchdown pass and a two-point conversion to bring the score to 49-49 at the end of regulation.

0:02 – Austin connects with Taylor for a touchdown and are forced to attempt a two-point conversion and are successful tying the game up at 49-49 and forcing overtime.

0:21 – Orlando forces a fumble but Cleveland recovers, it is now 2nd and 22 on their 13-yard line.

1:30 – Predators attempt a field goal and miss on fourth down. Orlando leads 49-41.

5:42 – Turnover-on-downs gives Orlando the ball on their own 16-yard line.

12:20 – Brackins catches a 6-yard pass from Hippeard to increase Orlando’s lead to 49-41. Brackins has caught 6 passes for 47 yards and 3 touchdowns.

END OF 3RD – Orlando leads 42-41 due to a missed extra point from Cleveland in the first quarter.

1:46 – A touchdown pass form Shane Austin to Amarri Jackson brings Cleveland within one, 42-41.

3:28 – Hippeard connect with Larry Brackins for his second touchdown of the night. Orlando leads 42-34.

7:31 – Goodman makes an 18-yard reception for a Cleveland touchdown. Predators lead 35-34.

HALFTIME – The Predators head into the locker room ahead of the Gladiators 28-27. If Orlando can keep the penalties under control, they will have the upper hand as they receive the ball at the start of the 3rd quarter.

0:06 – Emanuel Cook comes up big with a flying interception for Orlando. Predators have the ball on Cleveland’s 19-yard line.

0:50 – Morris passes to Terrance Moore for the touchdown after three failed rushing attempts. Predators lead 28-27.

4:07 – Collin Taylor receives a 35-yard touchdown on the first play of their drive to bring the Gladiators up 27-21. Penalties are poisoning the Predators with six so far accounting for over 55 yards lost.

5:21 – Kendal Thompkins slips his way into the endzone along the boards to put Orlando in the lead 21-20 after a successful PAT.

7:49 – Dominick Goodman catches a 11-yard pass from Austin and falls into the endzone on fourth down to put Cleveland up 20-14.

10:43 – Three penalties in a row set Cleveland on Orlando’s 12-yard line. Defensive line pressure forces 3nd and 9.

12:58 – Hippeard lobs a 6-yard pass to Brackins who catches it on a crossing route in the endzone. The PAT is good, Orlando is up 14-13.

END OF 1ST – The Predators trail the Gladiators 13-7. A 23-yard run from fullback Michael Simmons sets Orlando on Cleveland’s 11-yard line.

2:02 – Collin Taylor catches a 15-yard pass from Shane Austin to put Cleveland up 13-7 after two failed extra point attempts.

7:10 – Predators make it on the board with a short pass from Randy Hippeard to Lemark Brown. The extra point is good, Orlando ties it up 7-7.

11:00 – Orlando starts on their own 9-yard line after a short return from Brandon Thompkins.

12:00 – Cleveland scores on the first drive of the game with a 20-yard pass from Shane Austin to Amarri Jackson. PAT is good, Cleveland leads 7-0 to start the game.


Randy Hippeard is set to start under center for Orlando. Justin Hilton returns to the starting roster after being absent from the field since Week 2.