Video game review: Dying Light

First-person zombie survival title “Dying Light” is a dirty, gory mess and I love it!

“Dying Light” was a big question mark coming into 2015. People didn’t know what to think of the strange game; made by Techland, the creators of “Dead Island.” I hated Dead Island. I just didn’t get it, but what I saw of “Dying Light” made me want to give Techland another shot. And boy am I glad I did.

The game’s story is solid. It was good enough that it kept me wanting play more. You play as Kyle Crane, a GRE agent who needs to infiltrate the zombie infected island of Haran and obtain certain files. This makes for an interesting story with colorful characters and a fantastic villain.

The combat and traversal of “Dying Light” is some of the best video games out today. Free running is fantastic. Are there problems with the traversal, yes, but these problems quickly disappear when you start running. Climbing buildings is hard to get used to but by the end of the game you should be a pro. “Dying Light” is home to one of the best day and night cycles. The game drastically changes from day to night. During the day you feel somewhat in control but at night “Dying Light” turns into a survival-horror game that is leans heavy on the horror side. Playing at night is scary but extremely rewarding. Playing at night grants you double the experience points, which makes playing the game during the day a lot easier.

“Dying Light” is a great game. It has some of the best gameplay in video games and it’s beautiful to boot. The problems are meager and shouldn’t stop anybody from playing this awesome game.

That’s why I’m giving Dying Light a 9.0/10