Orlando gives life to Flying Lotus’ You’re Dead! tour


Chloe Lomelli / Special for Valencia Voice

Flying Lotus released his fifth studio album “You’re Dead!” earlier this month (Oct. 7) under Warped Records.

Flying Lotus brought his experimental hip-hop influenced electronic sound to downtown Orlando night club The Beacham Thursday, Oct. 9.

The DJ/rapper made Orlando the second stop on tour for his latest album release “You’re Dead!.” The club was packed with fans ready to see Flying Lotus in action. To soothe the painstaking wait was his opener and longtime best friend, Thundercat. Thundercat played his R&B jazz fusion music with his outrageously massive Gibson bass guitar, and left the audience ready for the main act.

The stage was set with nothing but an opaque screen, computer and mixer.

Chloe Lomelli

The audience waited and chanted for Flying Lotus to come out. Then he hit the stage with a big smile and played the first song of the night. He stood behind the screen and used the psychedelic visuals as the face for his music. Flying Lotus electrified the crowd with songs off his new album “Coronus, the Terminator” and “Never Catch Me,” which features Kendrick Lamar.

Flying Lotus is known to linger in the background and not take on the spotlight, but he pleased fans when he came out front and center to rap as his more outgoing cartoon alter ego Captain Murphy. Captain Murphy seemed to be having so much fun in the spotlight; he grabbed a record from a fan and sign it for him he during the performance of “Between Friends,” featuring Earl Sweatshirt.

The audience was energized and just when it was thought the room could not get any more invigorated Flying Lotus came down to audience after his encore. Fans rushed to the front trying to just get glimpse of the music artist up close. The set ended at 12:45 a.m. and left fans happy as they left the building.