Solar Bears release list of protected players for next season


Bryce Brimhall / Valencia Voice

Kory Nagy is one of the many players on the Solar Bears’ Protected List.

It’s been more than a month since the Orlando Solar Bears’ season ended in the first round of the Kelly Cup Playoffs, but on Monday the Solar Bears released their Protected List, marking the first official move of the offseason.

Among the players on Orlando’s Protected List are this past season’s captain Eric Baier, defenseman Blake Kessel, Cody Wild, Bryce Aneloski and Connor Goggin.

Also on the list are forwards C.J. Severyn, Kory Nagy, Tyler Murovich, Trevor Gillies, Jacob Cepris and Mike Ullrich.

Fan favorite Scott Tanski is also on the Solar Bears’ Protected List, along with Central Florida native Ian Slater.

ECHL leading scored Mickey Lang was also among the players protected by Orlando on Monday.

Some surprises on the list include defenseman Mike Liambas, who hasn’t played for the Solar Bears since early on in the inaugural season, as well as Rob Mignardi.

Paul Baier also managed to make Orlando’s Protected List, despite his retirement from hockey midway through this past season.

Goalie Cody Reichard is one of three netminders to make it onto the protected players list.

The Protected Players list is a preliminary list of players who will for the time being be untouchable by other teams.