Predators fall to Pittsburgh Power in final seconds of game

Bernard Morris threw five touchdowns and ran in three more as the Orlando Predators fell to the Pittsburgh Power 62-61 in the final second of the game on Saturday, May 24, at the CFE Arena.

A close game throughout, the Predators held a 61-55 lead into the final seconds of the game. Pittsburgh would come back with a touchdown and successful extra point to bring them to the top at 62-61 in the last second.

Morris completed 16/26 passes for 230 yards and five touchdowns. Morris showed his versatility as a quarterback by dodging the defense and running in three more touchdowns.

“Bernard did a great job,” said head coach Rob Keefe, “It’s a team effort and for Bernard to come in here and have a week and a half of practice and play against the caliber of teams that we played in the last two weeks says A. on how he’s getting better and B. how the guys are starting to rally around him”

Former starting quarterback Jason Boltus has been out for two full weeks as he suffered from a knee injury during the game against San Jose three weeks prior. Morris was brought in as a contending replacement for Boltus who is currently still recovering.

“Competition breeds success, thats the biggest thing,” said Keefe about the two potential quarterbacks, “Jason is hurt, there’s no question about that its just a matter of time before he’s able to play football but right now, Bernard is our quarterback and he’s done one heck of a job for us.”

Playing his third game with the Predators was AFL veteran Larry Brackins who was traded from the Philadelphia Soul. He received five passes for 83 yards and two touchdowns.

“Larry coming in here and being a leader, because I made in a captain tonight and thats a role he hasn’t been in quite often,” said Keefe about Brackins’ role as a leader , “He is learning that he is the older guy on the team and I’m very happy to see the way that he’s helping young receivers grow,

“I think he’s doing one heck of a job and he’s playing lights out and we got a lot of effort out of him tonight.”

The Predators will be taking Monday off for Memorial Day and will return to practice Tuesday to prepare for their upcoming game against the Iowa Barnstormers next Saturday, May 31 in Iowa.