Movie review: Effron, Rogen battle it out for turf in ‘Neighbors’


Glen Wilson / Universal Pictures

Zac Efron, from left, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne star in “Neighbors.

The new family moving into the neighborhood in “Neighbors” is not the typical family. There is no mother, father or sisters — only brothers.

“This movie was hilarious,” said moviegoer Jeff Thomas. “It kept me cracking up the entire time.”

A rowdy fraternity moves into a quiet suburban area. Their neighbors, Mac and Kelly Radner, played by Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, are convinced that they will be nothing but trouble. In efforts to keep the peace with their new neighbors, the couple walks next door — pushing their infant in the stroller — to introduce themselves and give a friendly welcome to the president of the fraternity, Teddy, played by Zac Effron.

“I couldn’t wait for this movie to come out. I have been a Zac Effron fan since “High School Musical.” He is so hot,” said moviegoer Ashley Burns.

The line of comfort is crossed after a night of partying with the frat brothers. It becomes difficult for the frat brothers to respect the couple’s wishes for them to keep the noise down.  A feud is then sparked between the neighbors, leading to a series of battles. The disturbances of the battles between the neighbors, combined with the parties that are held at the frat house on a regular basis completely disrupt the peace in the family oriented neighborhood.

“I was rooting for the frat brothers,” said Burns. “Team Zac Effron all day.”

The movie takes viewers on a hysterically funny journey that finally results in a solution that returns the once peaceful neighborhood back to its ideal state.