Taking Back Sunday, The Used close out co-headlining tour with sold-out show at House of Blues


Bert McCracken of The Used performing at the House of Blues, in Orlando Fla., on April 27, 2014. (Danny Morales / Valencia Voice)

Taking Back Sunday and The Used ended their spring tour on Sunday with a show at the House of Blues in Orlando. That at times looked more like a party than a rock concert.

The sold-out venue was lively all night long and had a party-like atmosphere that featured patroons heavily drinking, girls making out with each other, and of course mosh pits.

Headlining band Taking Back Sunday easily stole the show, showing fans and critics alike why they’ve been able to stick around for over 14 years. At points during their set, the crowd’s singing was so loud that thier was no need for a singer, as fans cheered and applauded.

The band played most of their old classics during the hour long set, including “Cute Without the E (Cut from the Team),” “What’s It Feel Like to Be a Ghost,” “Liar,” “Timberwolves at New Jersey” and “Make Damn Sure.” They also mixed in songs from their newest album, “Happiness Is.”

Fans got what they paid for when Tacking back Sunday was on stage, as the band wasted little time talking and spent most of its time performing. The few times frontman Adam Lazzara did speak, he was very personal with the crowd, such as when he told them that the song “Better Homes and Gardens,” off the new album, is his favorite and most personal Taking back Sunday song yet.

The show at the House of Blues marked the end of the month and a half long tour, but as Lazzara put it, “I couldn’t think of any better place to end it then Orlando.”

The Used co-headlined the show and played before Taking Back Sunday. Ttheir set included old classics like “The Taste of Ink” and “Box of Sharp Objects,” while also mixing in “Revolution” off their latest album, “Imaginary Enemy.”

Sleepwave, out of St. Petersburg, opened up the show with a 25 minute, set that got the mood set for the course of the night. The band is relatively new, but music fans may remember their frontman Spencer Chamberlain from his previous project Underoath.

Tonight Alive followed up Sleepwave and got the female members of the crowd singing along with their pop punk sound.

Taking Back Sunday will now go on to play a random assortment of show throughout the next few months, but Lazzara did say at the end of the show that the band would be touring again this year and they will be coming back to Orlando.