T. Mills brings ‘All I Wanna Do Tour’ to Social for first headlining show in Orlando


T. Mills perform at the “All I Wanna Do Tour” at the Social in Orlando, Fla. on April 5, 2014. (Ty Wright / Valencia Voice)

It did not take T. Mills long to strip down to his white sleeveless hoody, and display his tattoos at his “All I Wanna Do Tour” when it played the Social here on Saturday night. In fact, it only took one song to be exact. His audience — 95 percent populated of females in their early-twenties late-teens — ate up every minute of it.

While the 24-year-old out of California, born Travis Tatum Mills, has played in the city multiple times in the past, this show was extra special to him. It was his first time headlining a show in Orlando.

(Photos of the night)

Mr. Mills is a hybrid artist, with his sound switching between and mixing mainly three genres: rap, synthpop, and punk rock. While each song contained a different feel from the one previous, all the lyrics were the same, rude and catchy. During his high energy “Loud,” you could see Mr. Mills appreciation for his fans, as they battled back-and-forth with him through the lyrics.

The charismatic Warped Tour alumnus was all over the stage with his gold microphone, taking the time to perform songs from his earliest projects; new EP “All I Wanna Do”; and even unreleased content, which is most likely to appear on his debut album with Columbia due sometime this year.

The Social saw two opening acts prior to getting to the man on the poster, the popular Mod Sun was one. Despite taking the stage assisted by a walking cane, the “Hippy Hop” artist did not let his injured knee slow him down. Mr. Mod Sun amped-up his friends in the audience with stoner tunes and feel good lyrics. Backed by his DJ/ guitarist, who was a non-stop work freight, he ran through some fan favorites like “My Hippy,” “Stoner Girl,” “Free Love” and a new record, which will feature drums from Travis Barker on his new album.

Mr. Mod Sun is a straight hippy and is “Happy As F*ck” about it. If music was to get boring for the artist, a career as the stoner camp counselor all the guys want to smoke with, and all the girls want to hook up with wouldn’t be far fetched.

On top of opening the show, California artist Blackbear also took the stage with Mr. Mills to help him close the show. After performing the duo’s collaborated record “Coldest Winter,” one of Mr. Mills “sexy songs” (which contained thrusting and dry humping of the air); he would finish the show with the tour’s titled track, handpicking members of the crowd to join him on stage. After successfully blocking all selfie attempts possible, he would inspire those on stage to live in the moment and not behind their phone, as for the moment they were apart of his band.

A true highlight of the show.

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