G-Eazy treats intimate Plaza Live performance like an arena stage


G—Eazy performs at the ‘These Things Happen Tour” at the Plaza Live Theater in Orlando, Fla. on April 2, 2014. (Ty Wright / Valencia Voice)

It appears as if their is some characteristic in Bay Area rappers that leave men wanting them to have sex with their girlfriends.

Whether or not G-Eazy followed up with the young man after his show, and took him up on the opportunity to fornicate his girlfriend; when you’re a rising artist these things happen.

G-Eazy aka Young Gerald, 24, of Oakland Calif., lit up the Plaza Live Theater, Wednesday night, with one of the more extravagant productions the venue has seen in a while. It’s feels as if he thought he was performing on the granddaddy stage of them all. Neon sign spelling out his name hanged high, steps down below, drummer to his left, keyboardist to his right, and lighting trusses helping illuminate the stage — creating an energy the crowd could vibe off of and not leaving him having to depend on their reactions.

Luckily for him, the crowd’s energy level was either equal to his if not higher throughout the course of the night, so if that was the case he would have still been okay. While the audience could chant the lyrics to songs from his two most popular projects, “The Endless Summer” and “Must Be Nice,” down to a tee, they did not hesitate to show just as much enthusiasm to unreleased songs from his upcoming project “These Things Happen.”

(Photos from the night)

His set is broken up into three  clear pieces: rage with the fellas, prove my style can flirt with the mainstream sound, and sympathize with the ladies. He showed his more intimate side on popular singles  “Runaround Sue” — sampled from Dion’s 1961 pop song of the same name — and “Kings,” a Jai Paul sample, which first comes off as cover to Drake’s “Dreams Money Can Buy.”

During his set, G-Eazy took the time to invite his opening acts on stage with him to perform. Rockie Fresh, a Chicago rapper who is signed to Atlantic Records through Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group imprint, rejoined G-Eazy on stage, alongside up-and-coming  Canadian artist Tory Lanez, to perform an exclusive remix of his track “Been On.”

After hearing the crowd chant for it all night, it was only right G-Eazy closed out the show with an encore performance of “Loaded”; following the black and white “These Things Happen” balloon takeover during “Almost Famous.”

Based off his demeanor and cool sleek 50’s school boy swag — slicked greaser hairstyle; black leather jacket with hoodie underneath, black jeans and Nikes, hater blocker sunglasses and gold chain — Young Gerald came off all the boyfriend all parents feared their daughter would bring home for Thanksgiving.

He didn’t get here by mistake; blending different elements from artist he toured with in the past (Lil Wayne, Drake, T.I. and Snoop Dogg, just to name a few), fans get more than just a guy walking back and forth across the stage — they get an experience. He use the lights, production and stage setup to help cultivate each song transitions.

Thanks to the internet, it’s becoming much less uncommon for a signed artist to be opening for someone doing music independently. G-Eazy is willing to spend whatever it cost to help him succeed and grow as an artist, so who knows for how much longer fans will be able to get an arena style performance in a smaller venue, with a small venue ticket price.

We caught up with G-Eazy before the show, be sure to check back for the exclusive interview.