Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ now playing at Black Box Theater


This week, spring-breakers are enjoying the cold weather at the beach, while Valencia students on the other hand are in school.

The Black Box Theater, East Campus, provides a warm place to gather and watch a performance of “As You Like It.” The play is known for it’s humorous content and unconventional romantic situations written by William Shakespeare.

If Old English dialect intimidates you, “doeth not be afraid.”

“Don’t focus too much on what’s happening; just watch it, relax, and enjoy it. You’ll get it, ” said student Josh Ruda, who checked out the play on opening night.

This selection by Shakespeare was chosen with the college students in mind.

“The characters are younger, there are not very many old roles, and I thought it would be a good spring play because many scenes take place in the forest,” said play director Kathleen Lindsay-Moulds.

The play was put together within seven weeks as compared to a usual twelve-week period.

“We had rehearsals almost everyday to make up work which normally doesn’t happen,” said actor Eric Fagen.

Michael Lopez, another actor stated: “We even had a boot camp.”

After the show, actors gathered around and spoke amongst each other and spectators.

Theater usher and Valencia student, Gaylon Chatman, accolades the cast saying, “I am so proud of the actors for such a good performance and for doing it in just a couple weeks.”

Apart of the show, includes an elusive moon box — a prop that Assistant Technical Director Mel Perez Guadalupe was most excited about. The moon box is a 20-inch box that hangs directly above the center stage. A picture of the moon illuminates to depict night from day and also changes phases from full to crescent.

Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” is being held at Valencia’s East Campus in the Black Box Theater, playing March 27 through April 6. Curtain times are 7:30 p.m — Thursdays through Saturdays; and 2 p.m. for Sunday performances.

General admission tickets are $12; and $10 for senior citizens, Valencia faculty, staff and students may be purchased online.

The play will include sign language interpretation for hearing impaired audience members, on the March 30 date only.

Also, the  April 4 viewing will included a talk-back session with the cast and director, following the performance, and will be moderated by Valencia College theater program chair, John DiDonna.