Jeb Bush speaks at Rollins; three steps to a brighter American future

Winter Park — Last week Orlando went back for seconds. The hot item at the table? Politics.

Orlando was full of politics on March 20. President Barack Obama spoke at the West Campus on the subject of the economy and equal pay-rights for women. By 3 p.m., Obama was gone and the crowds started to disperse.

Across town at Rollins college a new crowd formed for another illustrious politician.

Former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush stood before the podium in front of a packed auditorium in firm contrast to President Obama.

“I’m going to give you the ‘Jeb Bush’ speech,” he said with a smile as he took the stage.

The “Jeb” speech was broken up into three parts: Immigration reformation, energy independence and the transformation of our country’s education system. He continued on to outline the challenges facing the United States in coming years and the roll he plans to play as GOP.

“I think it’s time, time for us to reinvigorate civic education,” said Bush. “ We could be emerging again.”

Bush held governorship for two consecutive terms. Florida law prevents anyone from holding that office for more than two consecutive terms at a time.

While in office, Bush started the A+ Program, which focused on raising standardized test scores in public schools in Florida. A+ eliminated social promotion of third-graders who scored lowest achievement levels of state reading assessments and also reorganized public school funding to be based primarily on FCAT test scores.

“Your past speaks for your present,” explained Rollins student Brittany Corfman.

Corfman is an avid Bush reader and supporter who admires Jeb for his bipartisanship efforts as Gov. and his stance on foreign policy.

Bush also showed his support for legal immigration and outlined a plan to restructure the current policy by  naturalizing, deserving undocumented workers whose only crime was wanting a better life and by simplifying the legal immigration policy.

The Bush business plan was a little more controversial with hydraulic fracking presented as the centerpiece.

Hydraulic fracking or fracturing is the fracturing of bedrock by a pressurized liquid. It’s the new way to mine natural gas.

France and Argentina have both banned “Fracking” and joined the growing number of nations that have either a partial or full ban on the practice.

Still, many audience members remained supportive and felt privileged to have the former Gov. at so close.

“I was too young when he was Governor, but I hear good things,” said Winter Park native David Gevorgyan. “If he decides to run in the campaign I’ll definitely have to decide, my mind’s open.”

It’s not another term as Gov. Gevorgyan’s referring too, but, the anticipated 2016 presidential election.

Bush has not given a statement on weather or not he will take the Republican nomination in 2016 but many have already characterized him as a possible front runner.

Jeb Bush holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin American Affairs. He also owns the consulting firm Jeb Bush and Associates, he is the chairman of the Foundation of Excellence in Education co-chair of the Barbara Bush Family Literacy Foundation.

He is the son of former President George H. W. Bush and Barbara bush and brother to former president George W. Bush. Jeb and his wife Columba Bush have three children and two grandchildren and currently reside in Miami, Fla.