Opinion Poll: If you could ask the president anything, what would it be?

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  • "I would ask him all the secrets of our country, because no one else knows what he knows." — Katie Satoski

  • "What would he do to make the economy better for future students, especially at Valencia?" — Loubert Dangervil

  • "I plan to one day run for President. What type of advice would you give me to prepare for that position in life ?" — Michael O’Blenis

  • "How do you manage to overcome people’s hard words towards you?" — Deonte Johnson

  • "Can you lower the price of tuition and award more Pell grants ?" — Aaron Norwood

  • "What is your favorite movie?" — Sam Johnston

  • "What’s the best thing about being President? — Bernadin Phcraver

  • "Who is your favorite rapper?" — Gabriel Marrero

  • "Can we play one on one in basketball?" — Tariq Henry

  • "How was it when you first got into office?" — Antonio Amaya

  • "What is it like to be a 21st Century President where the media is always watching every single move you make?" — Tiffany Boodhoo

  • "What’s your plan for the economy?" — Virginia Jones

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If you could ask President Barack Obama one question, what would it be. Tweet us on Twitter and let us know.

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(Taken from March 26, 2014 and #ObamaAtValencia issue)