Black History artist showcases painting


Felicia Roopchand / Valencia Voice

Artist Terry K. Wilson selling his painting “Forward We March,” before President Obama’s speech on West Campus

Painter Terry K. Wilson showed off a painting that he created featuring many civil rights activist, prolific African American figures, and of course, President Barack Obama himself.

Wilson heard about the President’s visit on the day of, and decided to bring the painting as a gift to the president.

The painting named “Forward We March” shows a historic timeline, from the suppression of slavery, through the Civil Rights movement, to “the top,” which is President Obama at the center. This specific painting has made it’s way to the second inauguration.

Wilson has met several people from his painting, such as Civil Rights activist Joseph Lowrey, Politician Andrew Young and also shook President Obama’s hand. Wilson went to school in Atlanta where he met many of those people.

“The moon in the painting represents the universe, and [the people in the painting] are my ancestors, which are in the universe, who drive me everyday to paint what I paint.”

Amen Arts is the name of Wilson’s company. In addition to black history pieces, he paints wildlife and fish. “I’m versatile.”

Wilson’s father was also an artist and also an educator. His father taught for 38 years, ranging from Kindergarten to the 8th grade.

Wilson is originally from Indianapolis, IN. “I travel mostly every weekend,” he travels up and down the East Coast and Midwest.

People were able to purchase the paintings for $20, it was sold at a discounted $10 for Valencia students.

(Taken from March 26, 2014 and #ObamaAtValencia issue)