Brendon! at the Disco packs out HOB

Selling out the House of Blues, and packing the venue to near capacity — Panic! at the Disco came to Orlando, Sunday night in support of their 2013 release “Too Weird to Live, Too Weird To Die!” with supporting acts Junior Prom and The Colourist.

The show sold out days prior so locals were ready for the group to return. The ground floor and surrounding bar areas were packed with people before the first act even came out, with more people coming in.

Guitar and drum pop-rock duo Junior Prom took the stage first to warm up the crowd. They played a short 20 minute set, but their songs were both catchy and enjoyable.

The drummer’s kick pedal broke at one point forcing the guitarist to perform an “intimate” version of their hit single “Sheila Put The Knife Down.”

The Colourist is a four-piece indie band that features a female drummer who also acts as one of two lead vocalists. She shares the singing duty with the lead guitarist. The crowd seemed to really enjoy the group, dancing and singing along to many tracks. They announced they have a debut full-length album coming out shortly.

(Photos of the night)

By the end of the second act, the crowd on the ground level was getting uneasy, with alot of pushing and trying to get to the front. The fans were really eager to see the headliner and were ready for a good show.

The lights go out and the crowd screams, then the band walks out and they get even louder. As Panic! at the Disco lead singer Brendon Urie comes out, the noise from the crowd becomes deafening. He greets the wailing crowd, and they kick into a new tune from their new album.

The band then plays the song “Time to Dance” from their debut album “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” showing they are not afraid to access their whole repertoire as some bands are. They continue to play new songs mixed with old ones. Songs from all four albums were included.

Urie shows his musicianship by picking up a guitar for a few songs and even sitting down at the piano for “Camisado” or one of the crowd favorites from their second album “Nine in the Afternoon.”

Giant screens lined the backdrop that illuminated with every song and changed with the lighting. The drum set was on a large riser giving the stage a larger feel. Four steam cannons also erupted throughout the set releasing confetti and causing the crowd to go wild.

They closed the set with Urie at the organ belting a high falsetto driving the girls to screams with the song “Nearly Witches” off of “Vices & Virtues.”

Despite missing drummer Spencer Smith, Urie was the only original band member present at the show and that will continue to represent the band on this tour.

After a short break backstage, the band returned to the spotlight, but now Urie is missing a shirt causing the girls lose it with shrieks and whistles. They play their newest hit “Girls/Girls/Boys” off of their new album, followed by their debut mega-hit “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies.”

Overall, Panic! at the Disco played great, showing that with a new lineup, they can still put on a fantastic show. They packed the house and for good reason.