Walk off the Earth takes sold out House of Blues show to next level


Felica Roopchand / Valencia Voice

Sarah Blackwood of Walk off the Earth performs at the ‘Gang of Rhythm Tour” at the House of Blues in Orlando, Fla. on Thursday Feb. 6, 2013. (Felica Roopchand / Valencia Voice)

The House of Blues was packed with excited fans who came to have fun at the “Gang of Rhythm Tour Thursday night. The  venue was full of energy and anticipation for the arrival of the main band Walk Off The Earth.

As the show began the audience quieted down to see what the opening acts would bring to the stage. Both Camera2 and Parachute brought a liveliness to the stage, that had the crowd grooving and wanting more from the night.

“Rock ‘n’ Roll is made of screams,” said Camera2’s keyboard player, which sent the packed House of Blues into an excited uproar. He went on to say “scream louder, so they’ll play better for you.”

(Photos from the night)

By the time the opening acts had finished their sets, the crowd was thrilled to see what  Walk Off The Earth would perform.

The Canadian rock band did not disappoint — having the lights turned down for a dramatic effect and having a voice booming welcoming the people of Lake Buena Vista to the world of Walk Off The Earth. The theatrically two-minute intro jumped them straight into their song “Speeches.”

Their show was so lively and upbeat, they had their fans dancing and singing to every one of their songs.

There were highly memorable moments in the show, from having their backing crew sing and perform with them for their new song “Sing It All Away” and other songs such as “Natalie.” There were whispers in the audience on the way they tossed instruments such as trumpets and guitars constantly throughout the show. Even stopping in the middle of the show to bring out a fan who “supposedly won something” on stage and having him propose to his girlfriend. Which led member Gianni Luminati to comment on stage about that touching moment. “Hopefully, maybe-someone out there tonight will meet each other and this will happen next time we come back,” he said.

Walk Off The Earth went a hundred percent in each one of their songs that they performed for their fans. Throughout the show they performed a good mixture of songs,  from their originals “Red Hands” to “Shake” to “Gang of Rhythm” off of their album “R.E.V.O,” and songs like “Somebody That I Use to Know” by Goyte that they had covered on YouTube. They left their fans chanting for them to do “one more song!,” Walk Off The Earth did them one better and gave them three encore songs.






Sing It All Away (new song)

Money Tree

Red Hands

No Ulterior Motives


A Jane’s Addiction cover


Man Down

Gang of Rhythm


Little Boxes

Somebody I Use to Know (cover)

Summer Vibe