Promotion company talks Nipsey Hussle’s cancelled Orlando show

Valencia Voice

Following California rapper Nipsey Hussle deciding not to perform Sunday night during his “Crenshaw Tour” stop in Tampa, many wondered if Monday’s show would also be a no-go.

“We apologize to our fans in Tampa tonight. Nipsey Hussle chose not to perform cuz he didn’t feel well. Full refunds at point of purchase,” tweeted the official account for Dope Entertainment, the promotion company who was hosting the event Sunday Night.

As Monday rolled around, there were still no signs if the Firestone Live show would go down until mid afternoon, when the promotion company shared on their Facebook why the show was being canceled and that they would be giving out refunds. This list includes multiple reasons, which are all different then from what Hussle posted on his Facebook, which stated “Due to the promoters disregard for my fans safety as well as my own. I was forced to postponed my florida #CrenshawTour dates. Love to all my fans your wellbeing comes first. – Nip.”

Hussle is schedule to perform next in Birmingham, Ala. on Feb. 5 at The WorkPlay Theatre.

Promoters explain Orlando cancellation