Diversity stands out in Atlas Lab


Bryce Brimhall / Valencia Voice

Kierah Johnson (left) helps students in the lab.

Have you been having trouble registering for classes or filling out any other forms from Valencia College? Then the Atlas Lab, located in room 172 of the Student Services Building, is here to help.

In General, the Atlas lab is where students can go to register for classes, also it is a general lab where you can apply to Valencia and they can help with all the forms and processes dealing with registration.

In the Atlas Lab, you can find supervisor Isaiah Stanley III and a number of Student Leaders who are employed through the school to help students and staff. They are in place to assist with “helping [students] fill out applications for admission, financial aid, or anything the student can do through the atlas account or the Valencia College website” said Student Leader Yassir Baroudi.

According to Stanley, Student Leaders are chosen based on “who we see is the example of the model student here at Valencia.”

“With Student Leaders its more of a peer-to-peer interaction, they see the troubles and situations that students go through, so what better person to help them than an actual student,” added Stanley.

Student Leaders come from a wide arrange of backgrounds and areas so they are able to meet the varying needs of students here at Valencia.

“We speak different languages, some Student Leaders speak Spanish, we have other students who can speak Japanese, French, I speak Arabic, so we can help a wide array of students who come here.” said Baroudi.

While students are allowed to print school related documents, like student detail schedules, My Education Plans and parking decal applications from the printers for free, printing any more personal documents such as homework or classwork are strictly prohibited and should be printed in the library.

This printing policy is the most misconceived idea about the Atlas Lab according to Baroudi. He also states that most people believe the lab is in room 142, but it has since moved to room 172.

The Atlas Lab is open Monday through Thursday 8:00am to 6:00pm and on Fridays from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

“We’re here to help so if any students need help as far as forms, filling anything out, or just general info, the Atlas Lab is here for you.” added Supervisor Stanley.

(Taken from Jan. 29 issue)