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Our Voice: Propostion sure to go up in smoke

There have been talks since September of last year about a policy that bans smoking on campus.

Yes people, Valencia is considering taking a stance against smoking by expanding its current policy that can range from prohibition on campus to even a full ban on school property.

According to the college’s “Smoke Free/Tobacco Free Campus Policy Work Plan,” the ban can extend all the way to smoking in parked cars and public walkways and roads within Valencia property.

The work plan claims in part five of the document that by enforcing this policy, it will help students quit smoking cigarettes. It also states that, should school employees quit, it will reduce health insurance costs.

What makes them think that not smoking at school will make students actually quit smoking?

Sure they can claim that they’re doing this for the benefit of students and college employees, but there could be ulterior motives to this policy (saving money on insurance) as well.

Ultimately, this plan will fail. People will still be smoking cigarettes regardless of whatever policy is in effect.

This policy may work for campuses that are small like Osceola and Winter Park, but for the larger ones like East and West, there are too many students to keep track of. They will get away with it, not to mention any protests that may occur whenever this policy is implemented.

Another big problem with this policy is enforcing it. There are many students who don’t smoke in the designated areas who also happen to smoke on the breezeway.

Our question here at the Valencia Voice is: Where do we draw the line between a culture of health and individual choice?

If Valencia was really interested in promoting healthy lifestyles to its students and employees, why not remove the vending machines? Why not get rid of Cabin Creek and contract healthier food services? That’s right. No more pizza or Philly cheese steaks, or hamburgers.

Instead of taking extreme measures in banning smoking, Valencia’s work plan should focus on actually enforcing its current policy. It may also want to include getting rid of some of the ashtrays that are inconveniently located in front of building entrances.

Don’t take away their freedom of choice. Keep a status quo between smokers and non-smokers.

Help those trying to kick the habit by providing counseling. Take the University of Iowa as an example which provides reimbursement for prescription medicine to aid in smoking cessation and even for nicotine patches and gum.

The bottom line is that school is a very stressful environment, and unfortunately there’s nothing anyone can do about it. If smoking a cigarette helps them relax, then by all means let them have one! And if they want to quit, help them with more rational and active means. A ban on smoking simply won’t do.

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