Model U.N. not your average club


Bryce Brimhall / Valencia Voice

Members of the Model United Nations set up shop during the “Winter Festival”.

By Shaiheem James / [email protected], Staff Writer

Valencia’s West campus is home of a variety of different clubs but none other compare to the Model United Nations.

Model United Nations (MUN) is a group of students who take the role of diplomats coming together to discuss a plethora of important topics regarding national and world wide problems.

Students travel around representing Valencia and different countries while debating against other schools who are representing different countries.

Competing in a debate style format students get a chance to understand global topics, international relationships between countries, and multilateral diplomacy.

MUN is an academic simulation where students learn to become better speakers to convey their ideas in the best of their ability into a debate fashion to convince other countries.

The sole goal of MUN is learning to be diplomatic to find a resolution with countries they don’t get along with or disagree on with certain topics.

“Everyone sees the value of diplomacy, instead of picking up a gun we pick up a pen to fight,” said Christoff Ram, a member of MUN.

Mun is representing France in multiple different subject areas later in the spring at the South Carolina conference.

France is a member of the security council, which is one of the most powerful bodies in the united nations, they decide who to intervene and go to war with.

Students will have the prestige opportunity to represent a powerful country and develop a diplomatic solution to real world problems.

“Just from being in this club I formed lasting friendships with people all over the country,” said Ram

(Taken from Jan. 25, 2013 issue, page 1)