‘Cheers’ cast reunite for TV Land orignial ‘Kirstie’


TV Land

Maddie Banks (Kirstie Alley, left) understudy (guest star Kristin Chenoweth) throws manipulative jabs at her just minutes before a Broadway performance.

TV Land presents a new show “Kirstie.” A more enlightening title would be “My Son,” which would entail that this show is about a long lost son.

This show is not about the actress Kirstie Alley; however, she portrays Madison Banks, the star of the show. The long lost son is played by Eric Petersen. Thelma (Rhea Perlman) is her personal assistant and Frank (Michael Richards) is her driver. “Kirstie” is filled with crude jokes about not wanting to be a parent.

Arlo, an amiable 26-year-old, walks up to Madison and tells her that he is the son she put up for adoption. He is astonished by all of the things she has, but he aches for a relationship with her.

He tells her he didn’t know he was adopted, until his mother passed away a month ago. At first, Madison doesn’t desire a relationship with him. She kicks him out of her apartment with her autobiography.

He shows up to her apartment for his bookbag, and Madison is having a party and is shocked that he is at her door. Arol winced when he realized she wants to keep him a secret. Madison feels bad about the way she has treated him and tries to start a relationship with him.

“Kirstie” premieres Dec. 4 at 10 p.m.