Anberlin and The Maine wrap up co-headlining tour in Orlando


Danny Morales / Valencia Voice

John O’callaghan and The Maine have wrapped up their last two tours in Orlando.

Anberlin wrapped up their fall tour with a homecoming-type show at the House of Blues in Orlando on Tuesday night, ending the tour less than an hour away from the band’s hometown of Winter Haven.

Co-headling with Anberlin was The Maine. Up-and-coming bands Lydia and From Indian Lakes also appeared on the bill, all of which have grown close throughout the tour.

“All the bands are great. They’re all good dudes,” said Anberlin’s guitarist Christian McAlhaney before the show in Orlando. “We took The Maine to Australia before this tour started, so we know those guys really well. They’re a great band, they’re great dudes. This tour had been amazing.”

Teen heartthrobs — better known as The Maine from Tempe, Ariz., lit up the venue with life as soon as they came out on stage — as girls couldn’t help but scream for the band’s frontman John O’Callaghan.

The Maine kept the crowd up on their feet and dancing during a set that included old classics such as “Misery,” while mixing in new songs off the group’s latest album, “Forever Halloween.”

At one point during the set, The Maine even brought a fan on stage to sing the lyrics to one of the band’s older hits, “Girls Do What They Want.”

Anberlin closed out the show to what appeared to be a near sold out crowd. The show in Orlando was extra special to the band, as it’s not far from home, which is now Tampa for most of the band’s members, and is one of the places they started playing at when the band formed.

“Orlando was kind of more of a homebase than Winter Haven,” said McAlhaney. “There was a venue there but it was definitely a lot of trips to Orlando.”

“Orlando still feels like home for most of the dudes and it’s always great to come back, this is an old stomping grounds and kind of where the band first started cutting it’s teeth.” he added.

Multiple times during their set lead singer Stephen Christian reminded the crowd that Orlando is where it all began for the band.

The band from Winter Haven rocked the House of Blues for over an hour, including an encore, playing old jams such as “Feel Good Drag” along with new songs of the band’s newly released “Devotion: Vital Special Edition album”.

Anberlin are set to play a make-up show in Los Angeles, Ca. on Dec. 11 before the band will enjoy some family time to end the year.

In an interview before the show in Orlando Anberlin’s guitarist, Christian McAlhaney said that band has thought about writing and recording a new album in 2014, but nothing is on the books as of yet.

From Indian Lakes started the show off before giving way to the talented, yet relatively unknown, Lydia.

Lydia hails from Arizona, which is also the home state of the tour’s co-headliner, The Maine, and brought their indie rock feel to the House of Blues on Tuesday, while at times throwing copies of their album into the crowd during their set.