3OH!3 needs your energy


Pamela Little

3OH!3 released their fourth studio-album “Omens” this past June under Photo Finish Records.

As the “Journeys Noise Tour” looks to get over the halfway mark, electronic-rock duo 3OH!3 makes their way to Orlando.

3OH!3 is made up of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte — natives of Boulder, Colo.  — the band is named after the city’s 303 area code.

Best known for their 2008 single “Don’t Trust Me,” which reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. The group’s  commercial success has garnered them song placements on “The Real World: Cancun” and the opportunity to write an anthem for MLB’s Colorado Rockies.

“In the end of it we are not trying to ride the trend wave; we are just trying to write music we like, that has a lot of energy,” said Foreman in a recent interview with the Voice.

“Hopefully it’s a good song at the end of the day and you can listen to it five- years from now and not just be like ‘oh that’s just some dubstep song’ but instead be like ‘oh that’s a 3OH!3.’”

3OH!3 released their fourth studio album “Omens” this year under Atlantic Records imprint Photo Finish Records.

The “Journeys Noise Tour” is the first opportunity the duo has had to tour the album.

“We play a handful of songs off the album and people know the words so that’s always a good test,” he says.

“I think for us it’s all about the energy of the show and having a good time. I think that happens when we perform stuff all the new album as well as the old.

The duo is at the half way mark of the tour and not looking to slow down. They makes their way to House of Blues on Thursday, Nov. 7 and can not wait to perform in Orlando.

“We’re just kind of got over the half way mark, and still feeling good. We’re having a good time but we’re just excited to get back down to Florida.”

30h!3 will be supported by some of their favorite bands; The Summer Set, Wallpaper and New Beat Fund.

“The worst thing about a band that you like is that they suck live. These bands are all incredible performs; so if you haven’t heard any songs from these guys, when you come to the show you are going to be wanting more,” he added noting 30H!3 personally selected the groups to tour with them.

All acts have recently collaborated on a track entitled “Turn the Night On.”

“It’s something about our fans that are great. They are always the fans that show up and check out all the other bands,” said Foreman who saw Wallpaper perform at Warped Tour and got stopped and his track because they put on that good of a show.

Tickets are still available for $27 via Live Nation and the House of Blues Box Office.

3OH!3 will be posting updates throughout the tour on their Facebook and Twitter social media sites.

(Taken from Nov.6 issue, page 10)