Hometown band sets Orlando on fire

Jeremy McKinnon crowd walks over screaming fans while inside a big plastic bubble, it can only mean one thing , A Day To Remember is back in town.

The metalcore/pop punk band out of Ocala, Fla. came to the CFA Arena on Thursday for the final stop of the “House Party Tour” along with friends The Wonder Years, Pierce The Veil and All Time Low.

The “House Party Tour” feels like a real party, at least during A Day To Remember’s (ADTR) set. ADTR starts their set with a short video showing the band getting together at McKinnon’s house for a big house party with all their friends, then the tones begin.

“All I Want” is the first song the band plays, an older song from one of their previous albums, and the crowd immediately gets up off their feet. They would stay that way for the rest of the night.

The band would go on to play multiple fan favorites including “If It Means A Lot To You”, “You Had Me At Hello”, “Have Faith In Me”, “All Signs Point To Lauderdale” as well as their notorious cover of The Fray’s “Over My Head.”

The show was nostalgic in many ways, especially when the band brought their former guitarist, Tom Denney on stage to play their final song, “Downfall of Us All”.

Fans jumped up and down with the band all night and even enjoyed a few songs of ADTR’s new album, Common Courtesy, which released on October 8.

Multiple times the band acknowledged that this was their last tour stop and at one point McKinnon even said “There’s no place we’d rather end this tour than Orlando.”

With ADTR being from Ocala, Thursday’s Orlando show was somewhat of a homecoming for the band, the guys even mentioned on a couple of occasions that this was home for them.

ADTR’s stage set up is impressive to say the least, they come out of the garage of a prop house before eventually some band members making it onto the roof.

The night would include plenty of crowd surfing and your fair share of circle pits, but the climax of the show is when the band brings tons of fans on stage for the final song of their on core.

A helicopter comes down from the ceiling of the arena to end the show and blast the house with pyrotechnics, while launching t-shirts into the crowd. An explosive ending for an almost perfect show.

A Day To Remember puts on a show without a doubt, any live performance of theirs is exciting but the band really goes all out when in they’re Florida.

All Time Low co-headlined the show, going on stage before ADTR and getting the fans hyped up with classics like “Dear Maria Count Me In” and “Love Like War”.