Matt Nathanson ignites future wedding bells at House of Blues


Matt Nathanson taking a picture of the crowd as someone takes a picture of him.

Matt Nathanson put on a performance to remember at the House of Blues on Saturday night in support of his new album “Last of the Great Pretenders.”

Nathanson began the show with his hit song “Mission Bells” from the new album. The crowd exploded with cheer and sang along to the melodic tune although nothing compared to the rowdy response Nathanson received when he played older, more familiar fan favorites like “Car Crash,” “Come on Get Higher” and “Faster.”

In between songs he kept the crowd entertained with jokes and wise cracks geared towards various audience members, as well as his hilariously funny stories about the motivation behind some of his songs.

The crowd roared with laughter as Nathanson told the story behind a song from his new album called “Kinks Shirt,” about a beautiful woman who consumes his imagination.

He explains that the woman described in the song is a waitress at his favorite diner in California. When in California, he eats there every day with members of his band. He describes the woman as a sexy, tough and edgy chick that wears dark clothing and has skin filled with tattoos.

He never planned on telling the waitress that she was a source of inspiration because he did not want to create an awkward situation when he revisited the diner. After a slip up during an interview, Nathanson revealed the address of the diner. He referred to his lack of a filter as a rookie move and was fearfully convinced that the waitress would find out.

His fear was faced as he viewed a picture of a fan with the waitress posted on a social media site.

The audience was very entertained by his humorous stories but the fun didn’t stop there.

About halfway through the lineup, Nathanson performed a song that required participation from the audience as he paid homage to a fallen star.

“Inside each and every of us is a tiny Whitney Houston,” said Nathanson.

He performed renditions of Houston’s hit songs “I will Always Love You” and “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” as he urged the audience to find their inner Whitney and belt it out like they’re at home singing in the shower.

Just like most of Houston’s hits, a romantic tone was set just before Nathanson’s boisterously entertaining performance by his opening act, Joshua Radin.

Radin’s raspy sensual voice filled the room as he performed his hit song “Rather Be with You” but the real magic happened just as he finished singing “My Love”.

A banner held by the crowd on the floor level of the building printed with the words, “Leah will you marry me?” was faced upwards toward the back of the crowd in the direction of the upper level of the balcony.

Moments later two women came into view on the balcony, one slipping a ring on the others finger while they both cry and then shared a passionate kiss.

The crowd erupted in applause for the couple in their happy moment.

Nathanson and Radin helped to create a wonderful memory as they rocked the house.