Universal’s ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ returns in frighting force


Universal Orlando

Bodies wrapped in plastic engulf the hallways of the house for Bobby “The Blade”.

Universal Orlando has returned again with Halloween Horror Nights 23, far exceeding its success in the past, while reconstructing the face a fear, and imposing terror upon the park.

Those who reject fear will be forced to embrace it. Universal’s commitment is embedded all throughout the park, within the usage of art and prodigious creativity.

Houses including “The Walking Dead,” “The Cabin in the Woods,” “Resident Evil,” “Evil Dead,” “An American Werewolf in London,” “Urban Legends La Llorona,” “Havoc Derailed,” and “After Life Death’s Vengeance.”

“The Walking Dead,” one of the newest additions to the collective eight houses, was the cornerstone of Halloween Horror Nights street experience. Different scenes from the show were exploited throughout the park, in addition to the flesh hungry zombies ravaging around.

Each house is uniquely designed and prepared to fit the theme. Time and dedication is immediately recognized and felt as your pass through and experience each of the glaring houses light effects and character impersonation was key into creating that moment of fear.

Imagine every step you take becoming a dreadful anticipation of the unknown. Every time you breathe forms a chaotic churning of fear to cycle throughout your body. Senses in heighten, only to endure fear. These are all predicaments you might possibly experience.

The compelling “Cabin In the Woods” (Lion Gate’s hit horror film) stage grounds proven to be one of the most creative houses designed.

Ranging from the cabin wilderness to tentacles hanging from the ceiling, it’s truly worth the wait.

“‘The Cabin in the Woods’ took the horror film genre and turned it on its head, and it’s a perfect fit for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights,” said Michael Aiello of Universal Orlando’s Entertainment Team.

“La Llorona’s intriguing and tragic story has been terrifying people in Mexico and all over Latin America for centuries,” said Mike Aiello, Creative Director for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. “And now at Halloween Horror

Nights, you will be transported into her mysterious realm and experience firsthand this disturbing folktale.”

Not every house is as creative or frightening as the other, each are entitled to their own respectful qualities that guest will have to make their own distinguish differences between them.

“I felt like I was in another realm, wasn’t expecting it to be that frightening,” said Abbey Miller after exiting La Llorona.

Experience all of the thrilling horror for yourself at Universal Orlando on select nights until Nov. 2. More information about ticket prices and extras with this attraction can be found on their official website.